Victorian Interior Design.

Victorian Interior Design.

It will come as no surprise to learn that the Victorian style of design came into being during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. It also probably won’t surprise you to learn that this ornate look is fit for a queen.

Victorian design borrows influences from several other historical styles, including Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. There are also lots of Asian influences. This decor is mostly characterized by its embracing of ornamentation. In some styles, like minimalism, less is more, but in Victorian, sometimes more is not enough. The Interior of a Victorian Style and Its Characteristic Features

  • high quality, reliability, and high cost of interior items;
  • presence of the old classical subjects in the interior;
  • the combination of interior elements of several styles – classic, exotic (Chinese, Indian), Gothic, and Rococo;
  • respectability, sense of proportion in all the interior details;
  • the interior of each room is made in a single style, but most often it is the execution of interior items in several styles;
  • furniture of red-brown color and light brown tones is made of precious wood.
  • presence of flowers, plants, not necessarily fresh;
  • the presence of a rich library;
  • heavy drapes, made of the best curtain fabrics, always in harmony with tulle lace curtains. The Victorian-style is different from the rest of the interior styles in part of the decoration of the walls. It provides only fabrics or wallpaper for the finishing of walls. At the same time, they must have a certain pattern: stripes, realistic images of flowers, birds, animals. Volumetric ornaments in the form of bas-relief are much less commonly used. Great interest for fans of Victorian style is a carpeted floor. The red color of carpeting is well-matched with the classic color of this style – light brown. Victorian style is unthinkable without the library, and its contents should not leave any person who likes literature indifferent. Furniture is made of natural precious wood: walnut, mahogany, stained oak. Most furniture has carved ornaments, sometimes inlaid with precious stones and metals. Victorian style is an exemplary style for lovers of comfort. For all those people who like g evening gatherings by the fireplace in the living room on the family tradition. If you’re one of such people, if you are a fairly wealthy person, so this style is certainly for you.

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