Transitional Interior Design.

Transitional Interior Design.

An interesting juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary interior decorating styles, the Transitional interior design is a modern take on classic design elements. This is one of the most popular interior design styles among the millennial generation since it balances the masculine and feminine elements aesthetically.

It is not easy achieving the balance between form and function when you are modifying classic elements. Transitional decor appeals to a variety of individuals because it incorporates a blend of old-world classic and contemporary pieces to create a timeless look.

The mix and match can be applied to your furniture, color scheme, finishes, materials, patterns, and fabrics. These designs often blend straight lines with curved to provide symmetrical masculine and feminine elements.

Some highlights of a transitional home are simple architecture, clean lines, distinct focal points, metallic accents, and a lot of texture. Many designers use contemporary art in traditional home décor to add glam and a modern twist to the tale of the classic. Transitional design style tends to be very neutral. Background wall and floor colors are often done in subtle monochromatic colors, while art and decorative pieces bring in splashes of color. While this design style may be simple, it is also very durable.

Similar styles, like minimalism, can feel cold and sterile, but transitional brings in grounding earthy elements like floors and furniture made from maple, walnut, or other sturdy woods.

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