Scandinavian Interior Design.

Scandinavian Interior Design.

The style that we call Scandinavian interior design today has its roots in the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition. A national exhibition to celebrate design and architecture. The Scandinavian interior design style is a combination of various design styles that later evolved in the five Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The Scandinavian style is about a minimalist interior, utility, and simplicity.

Functionalism and simplicity continue to shape what Scandinavian interior design is to this day, and although we have always valued good craftsmanship, it is increasingly characterized by our interest in sustainability. We want to invest in honest crafts made from natural materials such as wood, glass, stoneware and leather.

 It is also warm and leaves space for personal invitations. What makes it different from minimalist designs is that the style emphasizes affordability and not just necessity. To this day, we immediately think of Scandinavian interior design as shades of white and grey. However, recently, we have seen a more luxurious take on Scandinavian design where darker colors, black and brass details have taken center stage. Most décor items are bare ornaments, rounded furniture, organic and clean detailing, as well as dominantly black and white color palettes. It is also characterized by bare layouts and arrangements. You could call it a blend of minimalism and mid-century styles.. Scandinavian homes often apply the principle of ”less is more”. Each piece in the home should have a function and make the home cozy and warm. You will always find candle holders and tea lights to brighten up dark evenings, as well as flowers and plants to add a touch of nature. Textiles in the form of blankets and pillows made the home comfortable and inviting.

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