Mid-century modern Interior Design Style

Mid-century modern Interior Design Style

Mid-century modern is an interior design movement that rose to popularity in the United States in the middle of the twentieth century. Elements of mid-century modern interior design include clean lines, muted tones, a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, vibrant colors, and integrating indoor and outdoor motifs.

This style emphasized on vivid use of color, from the walls to the wall arts, to the artifacts. Everything was colorful in this era. Furniture was defined by crisp lines, and indoor plants were in plenty.

 As was symbolic of the times, minimalism and utility were the core themes of homes. A home designed with the Mid-Century Modern Style has a retro feel with a fresh twist. Timelessness and comfort are at the epicenter, making it one of the most preferred interior design styles. Clean lines, spare surfaces, and simplicity are some other striking features of the mid-century modern design style. Sculptures, graphical shapes, and highly saturated colors.  

Some of the main characteristics of this interior design style are:

1. Minimalist: Mid-century modern furniture is often very simple with sleek lines and a focus on functionality and uncluttered spaces. Chairs and tables will often consist of simple pieces of material held up by wooden or metal pin-style legs.

2. Mixing materials and aesthetics: Manmade materials (like vinyl, plastic, Lucite, and fiberglass) and natural materials (like wood, glass, metal, and marble) are often used together in mid-century furniture design. You also see modern pieces staged with vintage statement pieces in mid-century modern design.

3. Fusion of indoor and outdoor: Mid-century modern architecture emphasized the fusion of manmade structure and nature, and mid-century design does the same. Plants are often incorporated into this kind of decor, as are window treatments that encourage a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor.

4. Natural hues with pops of color: Mid-century modern decor uses bright accent colors against primary neutral tones of white, black, and wood tones. In keeping with the idea of combining indoor and outdoor, the mid-century color palette is rooted in nature, with earthy greens, bright fall oranges and yellows, muddy browns, sea blue-greens such as aquamarine and teal, and deep clay red.

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