Industrial Interior Design.

Industrial Interior Design.

Industrial Design is a union of style and utility. As the name suggests, an industrial-style home exposes building materials that are otherwise concealed like bare brick walls, pipes, and recycled materials.

The designer tries to create a stylish space with a clear focus on function and utility all while trying to combine modern elements with an organic feel and ancient charm. In industrial-style homes, you can find elements picked from factories, industries, and warehouses. It can feature concrete floors, exposed metal beams, metal accents, rust lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows in a downtown loft environment. Industrial furnishings tend to incorporate heavy, sturdy elements like metal and are often made from reclaimed materials. This gives them a striking look.

Industrial design is simple and clean, and you can go very hard and metallic with it, if that’s your taste. But softer interpretations like ones with exposed wood beams or lofted ceilings may be more palatable to some consumers. These homes usually have open floor plans and the furniture is arranged to break the space. It is one of the easiest interior design styles to implement since it banks on a neutral color palette and materials along with some industrial elements. The designer does not have to bank on any cosmetic tricks to make the house look good since the raw industrial elements make a strong statement.

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