Hollywood Glam Interior Design.

Hollywood Glam Interior Design.

Hollywood glam interior design has been popular in California since the mid-twentieth century. It’s a blend of art décor and mid-century ultramodern. It’s marked by a high discrepancy color combination of hot pink and green and occasionally black and white. Patterns in Hollywood Glam are bold, dateless, and gender-neutral overall.

From fabrics to flooring, Greek key and kiosk patterns, geometrics, and beast prints are all welcome in a Hollywood Glam home. Art deco and neoclassical motifs may also make an appearance. Black and white checkered flooring are a perfect addition to the theme. The chandeliers are paired with high buff or imaged cabinetwork.

You can also incorporate suede, lacquer, leather, and metallic highlights. However, it can round the style. If your client likes wallpaper and carpeting, it will be suitable to incorporate. The style diffuses glamour and luxury marking the design as an epitome of complication. It is also intentionally eclectic. Layers of textiles in different materials bring in diverse textures and patterns, while a combination of light and dark decor items create contrast. Some design elements you can expect to find in Hollywood Regency style is jewel tones, animal prints, stone floors, mirrored surfaces, and gold or other metallic fixtures. Overstuffed velvet pillows and soft faux-fur throws can bring comfort without compromising the rich style. If you’ve ever longed for a chandelier and a clawfoot tub, this design style may be right up your alley.

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