Eclectic Interior design.

Eclectic Interior design.

Eclecticism is all about picking ideas and inspiration from a broad and diverse range of sources. The Eclectic Interior Design style creates homes that are rich and layered with ideas picked from design eras and styles spanning centuries.

This style brings contrasting style elements, colors, and textures together for a unique feel. This is chosen by people who prefer a bold décor and like expressing themselves creatively. There are hundreds of options to choose from and the output will depend on how the styles are merged. The final result will likely be colorful and full of varying textures, but it should still feel harmonious. An eclectic room might just feature painted walls with eclectic decor elements layered against it. Or it might feature three painted walls, and one accent wall covered in wallpaper. While Bohemian style might incorporate several vibrant tones, eclectic can be a little more balanced. For example, if you want to create a bohemian style feel to your living room, then you need to know the minute details of the design style and have access to the boho elements and furnishings that can help create that feel. Where the background colors used are usually neutral to allow the designer to highlight the accessories and furniture. On the other hand, rooms designed with eclectic style have multiple focal points and work on balancing colors and textures to not overwhelm the eye.

The core idea of the eclectic style is to use all the styles from history and create something fresh, unique, and mesmerizing. It is all about creativity and the ability to use the mind freely and innovatively.

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